The Law and Ethics of the Election of State Court Judges  

Location:             Page Belcher Federal Building, Fourth Floor, 333 West Fourth Street

Please try to make it to this meeting, we will have an excellent panel to discuss this important topic, the panelists are:

1.      Judge Linda Morrissey

2.      Denver Nicks – speaking about the civil rights case which brought about the creation of geographical districts in Tulsa and Oklahoma counties which he filed.  This includes outdated Supreme Court Judicial Districts that likely have a racially  disparate impact as they significantly under-represent Tulsa and Oklahoma counties.

3.      Adam Doverspike – Oklahoma Supreme Court Judicial Districts and the legislature’s effort to update those from the 1960 lines to present population distribution.

4.      Bill Grimm – the Supreme Court scandal  of the 1960s and how this resulted in the JNC and referencing Bob Burke’s book “How Bad it Was – How Good it is"

Materials may be found by clinking this link —> MATERIALS