Inns of Court 2016-17 Program Schedule


9/20/16           Group 1           How Good Lawyers Get In Trouble (Speaker Gina Hendryx)

                        Judge Golden

10/18/16         Group 2           Effective Depositions

                        Judge Wall

11/15/16         Group 3           Effective Motion Briefing and Argument

                        Judge Glassco

12/13/16         Holiday Party            Speaker to be determined by Judge Wall

1/17/17           Group 4           Voir Dire for State and Federal Court

                        Judge Drummond

2/21/17           Group 5           Opening Statements and Closing Arguments

                        Judge Frizzell

3/21/17           Group 6           Direct Examination and Cross-Examination

                        Judge Thygesen

4/18/17           Group 7           Expert Witnesses on Direct and Cross

                        Judge Ludi Leitch

5/16/17           Joint Inns of Court Meeting - Hudson Hall Wheaton Chapter and Council Oak/Johnson-Sontag Chapter (Approximate date of Banquet)

Programs should include discussion of both civil and criminal trial practice, in state and federal court. 

Each group is responsible to hold two meetings, during which the group should:

-Identify one or more speakers to present a discussion on their topic totaling approximately 30 minutes and someone to recruit the speaker(s)

-Assign someone to research and introduce the speaker(s)

-Prepare questions for the speaker to last approximately 20 minutes of program time

-Prepare a paper or research materials of at least ten pages on the topic

Speakers or groups can use brief illustrations of a particular practice or technique as part of their presentation, such as a short direct examination of an expert or voir dire of mock jurors.  In order to save preparation time and provide a more realistic presentation it is suggested that such not be scripted, but rather than a simple fact scenario taken from an actual life experience can be used (such as a car wreck or fall in which the witness was involved).