Hello HHW colleagues;

To all, welcome aboard for the new 2015-2016 year!  Welcome to our new members, good to have you back to our returning members.  Following are the first round of announcements.

1)      As the new Inns of Court Year has begun that your dues are due.  To those of you who have already paid, thanks, to the rest of you, I’ve attached your annual dues invoice form, please fill it out and return it to Schaad Titus at the address on the form by Friday, September 9, 2016.

2)      This year we will not be having a Fall Banquet, but will jump right into the regularly scheduled meetings.  With regard to the meetings, we have determined that the 3rd Thursday meeting date was causing a fair number of conflicts with TCBA and other events.  Accordingly, we are going to try a different meeting date this year, the 3rd Tuesday of the Month.  Based on that schedule, our first meeting date will be Tuesday, September 20, 2016.  A reminder and RSVP notice for that meeting with further details will be going out about September 6 or so, keep your eyes out for it.

3)      We have the tentative dates and topics for this year’s meetings if you want to calendar them.

October 20, 2016        Group 2           

November 15. 2016    Group 3

December 13th ish       Holiday Party

January 17, 2017         Group 4

February 21, 2017       Group 5

March 21, 2017           Group 6

April 18, 2017             Group 7

May 16, 2017              Group 8

Your pupilage group assignments will be available on the website at:  http://www.hudsonhallwheaton.com after the first meeting.  Don’t worry Group 1, we’ll let you know.

4)      The format of the presentations is staying substantially the same with the expected format for the meetings to be:

5:00 – 5:30            Social period

5:30 – 5:45            Dinner served

5:45 – 5:50            Speaker and topic introduction

5:50 – 6:20            Speaker presentation on topic

6:20 – 6:40            Pupilage group prepared questions for speaker

6:40 – 6:55            Audience questions

6:55 – 7:00            Announcements and adjourn.

5)      Again, based on this format, the pupilage groups will have more limited responsibilities.  It is anticipated that the groups should only have to meet two times.  The primary responsibilities of the pupilage groups will be to:

A)    Select and arrange for a speaker with expertise in the topic area.

B)    Generate/prepare a paper of approximately 10 pages relating to the current status of the law or legal issues in the topic area.

C)    Prepare questions for the speaker with the expectation that they will fill approximately 20 minutes of the program time.

6)      For the new members this year, we will be having a new member/orientation meeting sometime between the September and October meetings. The date, time and format of that has not been set.  You will receive further notice as the details are finalized.

7)      If you have any questions, please contact me at this e-mail, at my work e-mail bharrington@jonesgotcher.com, or call at 918-581-8251.